Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blue Ridge Parkway # 1

It was a dark rainy foggy day when we started at the south end of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is 469 miles long - two lane paved road with 189,299 turns - most turns are 90 degrees - some are 90 degrees vertical (up and down).

The maximum speed limit is 45 MPH - I was never able to get up to even 30 MPH - my average was much lower than that.

The scenery was the best I have seen short of the trips to Alaska.  See that bike rider?  

They put these signs up in case you forget where you are.  It's pretty much 469 miles of the same thing.  Many curves.

I enjoyed stopping for a look at home grown crafts here.

Treky waited in the parking lot - He looks so big next to the compact cars.  We like Treky.

This was the entrance sign at the Folk Art Center

This man was carving flutes.  Other craftsmen discourage photograph in that someone might steal their ideas and designs  - I don't blame them.  They should receive the income and credit for their talent.

It looks like rain but we will continue tomorrow.

Ron & Treky

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  1. You, Tippy, and Treky be careful! We missed you at the OBX rally! Linda Mac