Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Little About Tippy Too

Tippy Too is a rescue dog.  I was in Front Royal, Virginia when I saw Tippy Too's picture in the "Pet Finder" on the internet.  I believed that she would be my dog.  I drove all night to get to Columbia Petsmart where the rescue group (Homeward Bound) had Tippy Too.  In the picture above, I had known her for five minutes.  I think we both look happy.

She is six years old and weighs 15 pounds.  Notice that ugly harness and collar.  We'll fix that.

She loves to play toys. She can toss them in the air and chase them for hours.

She is a lap dog.  I was asleep in my recliner when she jumped up in my lap and went to sleep.  We both had a good nap.

She took over the couch - - Note the pink collar.  It matches her new harness and leash.

If you think that I'm happy with Tippy Too, you are right.  I hope my fellow travelers, family and blog readers like her too.

Ron, Tippy Too and Treky


  1. Glad for you Ron. She looks like she needs to be loved.

  2. So happy for you, wishing you the best and a healing heart from the loss of Tippy the first.