Sunday, April 3, 2016

Preparing Treky for Long Trip

This is Treky's site (70) in the RV storage area.  He says that he is ready to go; however, Tippy and I must check to be sure.

First, we must bring Treky home.  It is not convenient to work in the storage area and home is where all of my tools are.  Also, Tippy can watch from his dining room window.

I like to fill up his gas tank before doing any work.  Note that just to the right of the filler port is a "Danger" warning listing the steps to take while refueling Treky.  It's important to turn off all appliances and "No Smoking" goes without saying.  Note that at this service station, the gas pump handle is green colored.  Many stations use green as the diesel designated pump.  I have to be careful to get Treky's favorite which is Unleaded Regular.

I don't think $1.82 is a bad price for gas.  The SC legislature recently voted to "Not" increase the tax on gas.  Thanks!

Treky's tire pressure is important - he is a heavy vehicle and proper tire pressure is a safety item.  His actual tire pressure is shown on the instrument panel. Here you can see that the front tires are each pressurized to 54 PSI.  They should be at 50 PSI.  I'll bleed some air out.

The pressure in the rear tires do not match.  I'll correct that.

How do I know how much air pressure is required for Treky's tires?  Inside the driver's door is this decal.  It's required by law.  Your car has one too.  This shows that Treky's front tires should be inflated to 50 PSI and the rear tires to 80 PSI.  The decals also shows that I cannot load more than 1943 pounds into Treky.  That includes the fresh water tank which weighs almost 250 pounds alone.  Tippy and I and our belonging don't weigh much so we're OK on the weight score.

Usually, I inflate Treky's tires at a Flying J but this time we are going to use a 120 volt inflator to bring Treky's tire pressure up to the required value.

Tippy says, "Treky Tires, Treky Tires - on and on.  More interesting is - What do you think about my new bed??  It's not a traveling bed though - I sleep on the bed with Ron when on the road."

Treky is now ready to roll so we plan to leave home this Wednesday and travel for about two weeks.  WiFi permitting, we'll be in touch.  Thanks for riding along with us and thanks for your comments.

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Ron, Tippy and Treky

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