Friday, April 8, 2016

Ocean Lakes CG # 3

You know what I like to do best at Ocean Lakes?

I like to stand here looking out Treky's open door and watch the world go by.  I would like to run out there by myself but Ron warned me that there are alligators out there just waiting on making me their meal - - so I stay in Treky until Ron hitches me up to my leash,.

This is the dog walk-way provided by the campground.  It runs about a half-mile all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean.  

Many campers leave their rig here all the time.  They don't trailer it back home each visit.  Ocean Lakes stores it for them and when they are ready to come to the beach, they call Ocean Lakes who pulls their rig from the storage area to their campsite.  This Ocean Lake tow truck just delivered this trailer to its site.  We would never leave Treky here.  I don't know how much the storage arrangement costs.

Another one of the lakes.  Tippy likes reflections.

There is a snack shack right on the beach.

A new playground including water slides is under construction.

A super-sized swimming pool - much larger than Olympic size.  I think it's still too cool for swimming.

Treky says, "Blue Skies smiling at me - - Nothing but Blue Skies do I see - - Never saw the sun shinning so bright - - Never saw life going so right"
Treky can't sing very well but you get the idea that we are a happy bunch of guys.

We have another couple of days here at Ocean Lakes - we'll tell you about them tomorrow.

Thanks for being there,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Really enjoy your blog,happen to love that area your in right now.Food is so good there,thanks for sharing.Look forward to more travels.Bob in Md