Friday, April 8, 2016

Ocean Lakes # 4

Golf carts are everywhere here.  Some people bring their own and others rent carts from Ocean Lakes.  When Tippy and I are walking we must be careful because the golf carts make very little noise and they can slip up behind us.  I wonder where this golf cart owner went to school?

This is the main recreation center.  You can see from the sign what's inside.

I think that I would like to come down that water slide when it is finished construction.  Maybe, we will return next year.

Camper's clothes get dirty - The campground provides a coin operated laundromat.  We may have to use it before we leave here.

There is a quick food place - hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, ice cream - you get the idea.

And here is a nice place to sit while eating your hot dog, etc.  Also, note the stage.  During June, July and August, there will be live entertainment on that stage.

This is the grocery store - almost as big as a Kroger or Publix.  In addition to groceries, beach clothing and items such as suntan lotion are stocked.

Look what pulled in across from us.  This is called an "A-Liner".  It's ideal for a solo traveler - very light weight - can be towed easily behind a car - folds down almost flat when towing and sets up easily.  Tippy and I think it's cute.  Treky says that it doesn't even have a motor  - piece of junk.  Well that's Treky for you. 

We may have one more day here or maybe not.  We go with the flow.

See yah when we see yah..

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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