Sunday, April 10, 2016

Final Day at Myrtle Beach, SC

Ocean Lakes Campground features spacious and clean restrooms and showers.  Treky is self-contained so I had no use for the restrooms. I did shower there.

Tippy points out that each campsite has its own picnic table.  He often explores under the picnic table in case some previous occupant dropped some food but.......No People Food For Tippy.

After a little rain shower, these ducks found a new lake.  The sandy soil here is so porous that water puddles don't stay around very long.

I had never seen a travel trailer with a built in porch - Now I have. I talked to the owners.  They carry their motorcycles in the rear of the trailer.  That's real custom made.  Notice that it has six wheels - I suppose that many required to carry all that weight.

Treky spotted this Roadtrek while I was shopping at Walmart.  It is built on a Mercedes frame and has a diesel engine.  Even Treky thinks it is nice.

If you ever go to Myrtle Beach, SC, you must eat at least one meal at the K & W Cafeteria.  Tippy thinks it may be a law that you have to eat there.  It has the longest cafeteria line with the most items that I have ever seen.  

My meal at the K & W today was turkey and dressing with gibblet gravey, cranberry sauce and apple pie.   UMMMMMMMM   good!  
How much do you think this meal cost?

That's right. $5.85 plus tax.

Can you make out that bridge way in the distance?  That's the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston.  Treky took us out of the way just so he could cross that bridge.  He's bridge-crazy.

We were South-bound anyway, it is a beautiful bridge and we must keep Treky happy.

Where are we going next?  Tippy and I have no idea.  We know that we are headed South - Treky knows but is not talking.

We will see you tomorrow where ever we may be.  Thanks for riding along with us.

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Ron, Tippy and Treky

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