Monday, March 14, 2016

Will McLean Festival 2nd Music Day

This is new at the festival but I think it fits right in.  A family is camping in this teepee.

Have you heard of "Magnetic Jewelry"?  They say that it cures all kinds of disease - even makes ugly people pretty.  I didn't buy any but I tried it while standing there.  I guess I was pretty enough as I couldn't notice any change. 

Oh Boy!  Kettle corn and lemonade.

This display was setup to honor the "Missing in Action". - - - Very moving.

Want to buy a guitar?  They are available in all shapes and sizes - Acoustic guitars that is.  I don't think there is an electric guitar in the whole place.  This is folk music.

 One day, I had a catfish basket for supper - the next day, I ate the Bourbon Chicken over rice.  Both were excellent.

Breakfast is available too.

All of the performance stages are out in the open - just a roof or canvas overhead.  I'm guessing that there are about 100 performing groups. Bring your own chair.

These folks are not the official performers.  They are amateurs who attend because they like folk music and they play "a little"  Throughout the campground, these amateurs gather and have a jam sessions.  They sound professional to me.

The most unusual percussion instrument that I have ever seen - This woman made a small box - she dances on the box keeping time with the music - it sounds great - adds to the effect of the group playing and she is a very talented dancer.

I guess that you noticed - everything is outside at this festival - Nice

Next week we will be at a RV rally in Perry, Georgia.  We hope to see you there.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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