Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Roadtrek Group at the Florida Folk Festival

It's summer time in Florida - The roads are sandy and the trees are green.  Treky is the brown one on the right.

The vendors are beginning to setup.  This lady makes ladies hats.

I wonder if they will have strawberry shortcake?

There's a pretty big lake down at the far end of the campground.

Tents have  been pitched all over the campground.  In addition, there is a "Tents Only - No RV's" area.

These three Roadtrekers set up next to Treky and played and sang.  I enjoyed it so much.

Each day at about 4 pm, the Roadtrekers gather for Happy Hour.  Everyone brings something to snack on and their own drink.  We sit around for about an hour talking.

Today a couple of the entertainers honored us by playing and singing and telling stories about old Florida.

This was my contribution to the Happy Hour food table.

This is what I collected to snack on - So much that I ruined my supper.

We love these big old oak trees.  Nature is so relaxing.  All is right with the world.  Life is so good!

The music starts tomorrow and the vendors will be open.  I look forward to the carnival-type food.

See you then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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