Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some of Tippy's Traveling Friends

We will be here at the Sertoma Youth Ranch attending the Will McLean Florida Folk Music Festival for the rest of the week.

Tippy meets many of his friends several times a year at rallies and club meetings.  This is Sydney.  He's big but he's friendly.  He and Tippy get along just fine.

This is Angel.  Angel weights just a little more than three pounds but she thinks she weighs 30.  

Peanut and Joy - Tiny world travelers.  They tolerate bigger dogs like Tippy.  I'm sure they are fun to travel with.

 This is Snicker on the left and Tess on the right.  We spend every Thanksgiving with Tess. Snicker belongs to one of our long-time travel Roadtrek friends.  

These are all Roadtrek dogs and represent just a few of the many we occasionally camp with.

Tippy considers these dogs as his friends and family.

Look at how many Roadtreks are here today.  Treky is the one just behind the tree.  The actual festival doesn't start until Friday.

More tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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