Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Solar Car Battery Charger

When we go on a trip, we leave the car in Treky's parking site at the RV storage area.  Treky has his own solar battery charger but he worries that when we are gone for weeks at a time, the battery on the car will be discharged.

Tippy and I don't like for Treky to be worried so we bought a solar charger just for the car.  We got it through Amazon like almost everything we buy.  It's so easy.

The description on the box tells about it better than I can.

This is it.  The little pistol looking thing at the top is the connector that plugs into the car cigarette lighter plug.

It even has a little red light that blinks to let you know that it's working.

I just lay it on the car dashboard so that it can get maximum sun and plug it in.  They say it even works when it's cloudy.

One of our trips this year requires that we leave home near the end of May and will not return until sometime early November.  I think the car charger will come in handy then.  We would hate to come home to a car that won't start.

We are packing up to go to the Will McClean Florida Folk Music Festival next week.  Immediately after that week, Treky will take us to an FMCA rally in Perry, Georgia - then home for a week.

Keep in touch,

Ron, Tippy and Treky


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