Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sertoma Youth Ranch

Treky is the first Roadtrek to arrive at the Sertoma Youth Ranch, the site of the annual Will McLean Music Festival.  The weather is perfect.  Note that Treky's rear doors are open.  He has his screen installed there so that bugs can't get in but the perfect air can circulate.

There is a tiny little stream of water trickling along right behind Treky.

Better shot of the little stream and the bridge

There are several small sandy (dusty) paths for campers to use to select their sites.

This is the skeleton of a tent which will house a stage for the performers.  There will be three venues of which this is one.

Gotta have a sunrise picture

By Friday, these sites will be occupied shoulder to shoulder with tents, vans, campers and RV's

A few early-arriving musicians have selected their sites.

The annual Will McLean celebration honors the work of Florida's Troubadour, who wrote songs, stories and poems about his native state.

We will be here all week.

Ron, Tippy and Treky


  1. Sounds like a grand time will be had.

  2. Enjoy Ron,love the pictures,and traveling along .Glad to see Tippy on the mend.god speed have a great time.Bob here in Md