Thursday, March 17, 2016

FMCA Rally Perry, Georgia - Day #1

Tippy and I think the cutest thing we have seen here is the trash cans.  The rally is located at the Georgia Fairgrounds which is equipped for agricultural exhibits normally.  The design on the trash cans mimics a cow.  Ha Ha

Here you can see some of the loading ramps and gates that are used for livestock during agricultural affairs.

There will be approximately 100 seminars.  Each building that houses a seminar is clearly marked.

This clock tower stands about three stories tall and we use it as a focal point to help us find the various seminars and buildings on a map.

Tippy and Treky both think that Ron has lost his mind.  For lunch he had a peanut butter sandwich topped with Girl Scout thin mint cookies.  I may have lost my mind but it's delicious.

Last night, I played Card-Bingo along with 473 other RV'ers.  Lots of clean fun.  I didn't Bingo and didn't win anything though.

These were two of my Card-Bingo partners.

My first seminar today was "Geeks on Tour".  They teach Technology for Travelers.  The subjects covered today were: Smartphones, Apps, Websites, Internet on the Road, and Google Photos app and several other subjects.  I will also attend several of the other seminars that they will conduct here.

These are the Geeks on Tour.  Jim on the left and his wife Chris on the right.  They are my communications heros.

More tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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