Thursday, March 3, 2016


My phone (Nexus 6) has an excellent camera but it requires two hands to take a picture with it.  Many times, I don't have two hands available. At those times, I use my Canon PowerShot.  It's a simple point and shoot digital camera.

I like it because the on/off switch and the button to take the picture are both large and are on top of the camera.  I can turn the camera on and take a picture with one hand - for example when I am driving or holding Tippy's leash.

When I get ready to use the pictures, I pop the lid and remove the SD card.

Then insert the SD card into my Chromebook.  I select "File" on my Chromebook and there are my pictures to use and file. My favorite photo program is Google Photo.  It's a fairly new program and replaces Picassa.

Tippy and Treky thought this camera information might be interesting.

We will be leaving home on this Sunday headed South.  I'll bring Treky home tomorrow to be loaded and to cool-down the refrigerator.  Treky's ready otherwise.  Last week he was serviced and had his tires rotated.

Oh yes, Tippy is ready too.  Yesterday, he had his annual physical and shots - He checked out OK too.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

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