Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring in Our Neighborhood

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Tippy sleeps tangled up in my computer wires.

Azaleas are blooming - Grass is turning green

Dogwood, I believe

These look like Azaleas but the bloom is very different - Don't know the name but they sure add color to a yard.

I believe that this is an Ornamental Pear

Another unknown but nice

Sago Palm

Is this an Azalea plant?

I bought this little folding table from Amazon - It will come in handy eating outside.  We will be on the road 240 days during the rest of this year.

Details of our little table - you can practice your Spanish too.

Tippy says, "One thing I don't like about Spring is pine cones.  They drop on your head and they are not good to eat."

Ron gets his annual physical exam on April 5th.  If he passes, we will leave home on April 6th for a very long trip.  Ride with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Monday, March 21, 2016

Perry, Georgia # 4

When I take my shoes off, Tippy knows that it is bed time and he quickly jumps in my bed.  Last night, he also took over my blanket.  Don't know what I would do without him.

This vendor is demonstrating a roller device that she claims will remove dog hair from anything.

The name of the dog hair remover is Go! Sticky!  I bought one to remove dog hair from the inside of Treky.  Tippy says, "Your are not going to roll that thing on me and remove my hair!"  He calmed down after I explained it is to remove shed hair only.

There were many displays advertising campgrounds and RV resorts.  This booth displays the attractions in Louisiana - Note the upside down i's.

This is one of the large buildings and is where the most of the vendors were housed.

Many campers had golf carts and used them to keep from walking - Most were older folks - Most would run over you if you didn't jump out of their way.  I did a lot of jumping.

The clock tower framed by large Class A motor homes

Spring has arrived in Perry, Georgia

I joined Passport America, an organization that gets you 50% discount at some campgrounds and they gave me this Tee shirt.

This is the back of the Tee shirt.  I like all this free stuff.

I also bought a new FMCA cap.

Our last Roadtrek gathering to discuss the rally events.

Tippy says, "I'm getting bored.  We've been here five days.  It's time to move on.  Crank up Treky and let's go."

The fact is that we will be at home for the next two weeks and then we will trek to the Everglades and play with the Burmese Pythons that have invaded that National Park.  We will see you again then.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Perry, Georgia # 3

Two very large buildings are devoted to displaying vendors wares.  This vendor is selling handbags

I was told that there are over 100 vendors here.

I stopped by the Verizon display and asked the representative a question about my account.  He brought up my account on his computer and made a change that gave me the same coverage and saved me $5.00 per month - Yeah Verizon!!!

This boat folds flat into a very small package and would be handy when camping near water but...........Treky says, "Don't buy that. We don't have room".

I bought a "sweat-proof" FMCA short sleeve shirt.

I visited with my good friends at the Flying J.  I accepted one of their credit cards (I really don't need another credit card).  The new card gives me five-cents off on each gallon of gas, lets me dump Treky's tanks for $5.00 and gives me free coffee.  There is also a discount on their hot showers but I don't know how much yet.

I bought some other stuff which I'll list tomorrow.

Night, night.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, March 18, 2016

Perry, Georgia - Day #2

More folks are arriving daily.  Treky is the fourth from the left behind the post.  These are the "no water, no electricity, no sewer, no problems" sites.

Those who wanted electrical hookups are parked out front.

Trams are provided to ride members to and from the main seminar and shopping areas; however, we are parked so close that I prefer to walk.

Every afternoon, some of us gather around to talk about the day's activities.  No politics allowed.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and one of our members dressed the part and participated in the RV parade that marched and drove through the campsites.

The sweetest dog in the world loves our life.

At breakfast this morning, I listened to the beautiful and inspiring music of the Frustrated  Maestros - All campers - all volunteers who love and do camping and music.

 I had two of these for breakfast and a cup of coffee - Free.

There were lots more where mine came from.

Even a morning paper was available.

After breakfast, I went shopping - there are two very large building filled with vendors who offer everything camping.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought for Tippy, Treky and me.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Thursday, March 17, 2016

FMCA Rally Perry, Georgia - Day #1

Tippy and I think the cutest thing we have seen here is the trash cans.  The rally is located at the Georgia Fairgrounds which is equipped for agricultural exhibits normally.  The design on the trash cans mimics a cow.  Ha Ha

Here you can see some of the loading ramps and gates that are used for livestock during agricultural affairs.

There will be approximately 100 seminars.  Each building that houses a seminar is clearly marked.

This clock tower stands about three stories tall and we use it as a focal point to help us find the various seminars and buildings on a map.

Tippy and Treky both think that Ron has lost his mind.  For lunch he had a peanut butter sandwich topped with Girl Scout thin mint cookies.  I may have lost my mind but it's delicious.

Last night, I played Card-Bingo along with 473 other RV'ers.  Lots of clean fun.  I didn't Bingo and didn't win anything though.

These were two of my Card-Bingo partners.

My first seminar today was "Geeks on Tour".  They teach Technology for Travelers.  The subjects covered today were: Smartphones, Apps, Websites, Internet on the Road, and Google Photos app and several other subjects.  I will also attend several of the other seminars that they will conduct here.

These are the Geeks on Tour.  Jim on the left and his wife Chris on the right.  They are my communications heros.

More tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arrived at FMCA Rally in Perry, Georgia

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) rally in Perry, Georgia doesn't start until Thursday but we arrived on Tuesday. So many motor homes are scheduled to attend the rally that it was necessary for some of us to come early.  This is to prevent traffic and parking delays.  They spread us out and Treky happened to be one of the ones chosen to come early.  We don't mind at all.

We are parked with a few other Roadtreks.  We like to park together.  This is the area with "No Electricity".  That's fine with Treky as he furnishes his own electricity with the solar panels.  There is another area for Roadtreks with electricity.  Treky is fourth from the left and has his white sunglasses on.

This is the "With Electricity" Roadtrek bunch.  We are just around a corner from each other and meet in the middle each afternoon for social hour.

Tippy and I got a big laugh at  Treky's expense when we showed him the name of  the lot where he parked us:  Sheep, Swine, Goats.  He got back at us when he said, " Yeah, maybe but I'm the sheep and you and Tippy are the pig and goat."  We have fun.  Note, Treky has his awning out and is backed us to some Crepe Myrtle trees.  This is a grassy lot and Tippy especially likes to walk here.

See you tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky