Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Traveling to Robins Air Force Base Museum

The first thing we do when traveling is stop at McDonald's - It's not quite daylight yet.

And I got my usual egg, sausage biscuit and large coffee with two splendas in the coffee.

No people food for Tippy - so  sad

U S 1 South out of Augusta, GA is nice, smooth, 4-lane, 65 MPH and not crowded.

48 degrees (F) at daylight - Big warm-up.  It has been in the mid 20's at this time of day recently.

Most of our trip was on two-lane highways. We went through a dozen small towns - some with only one traffic light (it was always red when we got there).  Treky took us on 19 different numbered highways.  He has an uncanny sense of direction - Tippy and I have none.  I think Treky must have made 20 different turns and changes of highways.

Hey, we got here.

Treky pointed out this plane with no pilot.  He is forever saying that he could get us to our destination without me driving.

Tippy and Treky are going to wait in the parking lot while I go inside the museum. 

I took about a hundred pictures.  I'll go through them and select the best and publish them tomorrow, WiFi permitting.  

We'll see you then,

Ron,Tippy and Treky

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