Friday, February 19, 2016

Robins Air Force Base Museum # 3

This is a T-33 jet trainer.  It is a modified F-80.  A second seat was added behind the F-80 pilot for a flight instructor to ride in.  Both the trainee pilot and the instructor sat in ejection seats.  In an emergency,one or both would life a handle located adjacent to their seat and the canopy would fly off and the seat would be "fired" into the air.

This is a U-2C Lockheed spy plane.

Lockheed  71 SRC Blackbird - - Super Secret Spy Plane  - - hard to get a good picture because it is so long.

I hope that you can read at least some of this.  It flew at 2100 miles per hour - Consider that today's commercial airliners fly at about 300 to 400 miles per hour.  It was activated by the Air Force in 1966.

Another attempt to photograph the Blackbird.

As we left Robins Air Force Base, Treky noticed the pecan trees......

Miles and miles of pecan trees.  Treky thinks that he would like to raise pecan trees - All you have to do is pickup pecans once or twice a year, sell them and then travel the rest of the year.  Sounds good to me too.  I like Treky.

Next is Andersonville, Georgia - Confederate Prisoner of War Camp

WiFi permitting, we'll see you tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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