Thursday, February 25, 2016

Little White House # 3

This walkway at the Little White House displays the flag of each of the 50 states.

All National Monuments should have a fountain and this one does.

This is called the "Bump" gate.  When the President was driving, He would ease up to this gate and gently bump it.  It was designed to open when bumped.  He was unable to get out of his car to open the gate so this arrangement worked for him.  It seems to me that he always found a "way around" his disabilities.

The President was guarded by a group of 36 Marines.  They were stationed in sentry posts like this located all around the facility.  They would each serve four hours on duty and eight hours off.

We're getting to the house finally.

The house is not elaborate.  There is a very steep drop-off behind the house.

They didn't have an electric refrigerator.  This is their icebox.  In the summer, a big block of ice would be delivered everyday from the town of Warm Springs.

This clock was stopped the minute the President died.

In the winter, they heated with a fireplace.

The bedroom

Little buttons like this are found throughout the house and were designed to be pressed in any kind of emergency.  They were wired to notify the staff of the problem.

There's still more to come on the Little White House (Maybe only one more)  Tippy and Treky are probably getting tired out there in the parking lot.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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