Monday, February 15, 2016

Going to Georgia

Tippy says that he is well and ready to travel.  I think we will take a short trip for now.  All three of us are getting bored.

Can you see Tippy looking out "his window"?  What does he see?  Yep, Treky is in the driveway.  Yeah!!!

And Ron is gathering up food - That's another sign that we are going somewhere.

This is Tippy's Valentine gift from our good neighbors, Dick & Jill.  Tippy reminds me to be sure and pack these treats too.

We are headed to Robins Air Force Base to visit the second largest Air Force Museum.  As Google shows us, it's about 150 miles and three hours away from home.  Treky has chosen to take the blue route. If the weather turns bad, we will immediately turn around and come back home.

See that thing Tippy is chewing on?  It's a Bully Stick - All beef from Brazil.  Some are from China and they make dogs sick but the one's from Brazil are OK.  Tippy love them and wants to take one on our trip.

This has nothing to do with our trip but does anyone know what this is?

WiFi permitting, we'll post tomorrow from Georgia.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Hi Ron, We use to have those in our clinic. It is a combined video monitor and VCR player. I was last at Robbins AF Base in 1971 when I was sent there for Air Force Leadership Training. I'll be watching for your report.