Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why We Are Not Traveling January 2016

In case you are wondering why Ron, Treky and I are not traveling this month..............

We had a tornado a while back and our roof was damaged.  So.................

Look what showed up on our driveway yesterday - Roofing shingles.

And look what showed up on our driveway today - - Roofers and their equipment.

They've got stuff everywhere - even on the lawn.

Our driveway was so full of "stuff" that Ron had to park our car on the street.  We think the roofers will take about a week to finish their job.  Then we will take-off. Treky is looking at a quick trip to Robins Air Force Base Aeronautical Museum near Warner Robins, Georgia for sometime early in February.  That's only about three hours away from our home.

See you then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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