Sunday, January 10, 2016

Remembering Terlingua Ghost Town

Terlingua, Texas Ghost Town - May 11, 2013

About five miles from our campground is the original town of Terlingua, TX.  It was founded as a mining town.  Various exotic minerals were mined but especially abundant was mercury.

 There are numerous abandoned homes throughout the abandoned town. 

 At one time there even was a theater - now a bar.

 Got here in it, had a flat, left it.  It looks like every person who lived here just walked away and left all their belongings.

This is the cemetery - I estimate there are over a hundred marked graves.  Some are elaborate and some are just marked with a pile of rocks.

This is a skeleton riding a bike.  Morbid.

The sign says that the cemetery dates from the early 1900's when Terlingua was a flourishing mercury mining town.  It is still used by some citizens of the town.

 Simple grave

More elaborate graves

Abandoned house - note construction and the door

Old falling-down hotel -- Some "off the grid" folks still live on the ground floor.

We leave here in the morning and will spend a couple of days in Deming, NM resting and eating a steak at the Cattlemen's Restaurant there.  Then we will resume our National Park Tour at Saguaro NP before going to Joshua Tree NP

The high temperature here today was only 78 degrees but the forecast for Wednesday is a high of 104 degrees - time to move on.

Thanks for exploring Terlingua with us,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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