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Remembering Santo, Texas

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Santo, Texas - May 8, 2013

One improvement I made in the Treky, II was to enlarge the bed.  The bed is an electric fold down couch which I keep down all the time.  I added a 4-inch mattress topper (2inches of regular foam and two inches of memory foam).  This made the bed more comfortable and added 10 inches to its width.

Stored under the bed are cokes, bottled water and on the left, tippy's water and food.  There's room for more.

Tippy's bed is at the foot of my bed.  He starts out there but as soon as I'm asleep, he sneaks into the bed with me.

This little car has a very large camera mounted on the roof.  When it passed me, I saw a sign on the door identifying it as the 
Google Camera taking pictures for Google Map and Google Earth.

You don't see that every day - We were on I-20 in Louisiana

.U.S. and Texas flags along the Interstate

Our campground tonight is Coffee Creek RV Resort in Santo, Texas.  It has a fenced in Dog Run.  Tippy likes to run loose.
The temperature is in the 80's this afternoon.

We should get to Big Bend National Park tomorrow afternoon.


Ron, Tippy and Treky


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