Thursday, January 7, 2016

Remembering Callahan, Florida - 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Callahan, Florida - September 30, 2013

Treky had a nice surprise for Tippy and me.  He arranged for us to overnight at Kelly's RV park in Callahan, Florida.  So instead of driving about 400 miles straight through to Silver Springs, we will make it a two day trip.

Also, Treky has decided that when we leave in the morning, we will travel down U S highway 301 instead of I-95.  Tippy is so glad as there will be different things to see.  Treky programmed his Rand-McNalley GPS to guide us down the shortest route - not the fastest.
Our new route is marked in red color on the map above.  Treky is so smart and considerate too.

Tippy and I think that Treky's nice soft, grassy campsite may have had something to do with his decision to stop here.  Treky looks this stuff up on the internet to decide which campground we will use.  That's Treky II.

This is a Sago Palm here at Kelly's RV park.  It's my favorite palm.  Tippy says, "it pretty but you don't want to hike your leg up on that sharp thing.

Tippy says, "That's enough blogging.  Let's go to bed so we can get up early and tryout Treky's new route tomorrow.

See yawl then!

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