Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Aiken State Park - South Carolina #1

Today, Tippy and I took a day-trip to Aiken State Park. It's only about 15 miles from home so we did not take Treky with us.  He would have been bored.

The entrance road to the park.  I'm sure it will be more attractive in the spring and summer.

We run into this "silent sentry" at every state park in every state.  Regular admission is $2.00 here with a 75 cent discount for SC citizens over the age of 65.  I never carry change so I put $2.00 in the envelope and moved on.  We have paid as much as $10.00 admission in some states up north.  I think most states charge $3.00.

For the most part, the roads throughout the park are one-way.  They are nice and smooth and level.

This is the parking area for the swimming lake that you cannot see; however, you can see the white building in the distance - that's the bath house for the swimming lake.

Nearby is a picnic shelter and play area for small children.  Nice.

Swings and picnic tables.

There are several hiking trails in the park.  Tippy thinks that the name, Jungle Trail, indicates that there will be at least one alligator down there; therefore, we bypassed this trail.

For an unknown reason, Google will not let me make this posts any longer so I'll continue our trip to Aiken State Park on the next post.

See you there,

Ron & Tippy

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