Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Aiken State Park, South Carolina # 2

This is a nice spot to eat lunch by the small pond.  The temperature here at 10:30 am on January 26, 2016 is 62 degrees (F).  Nice.

More picnic shelters and a nice lake

Yep, they have an excellent campground - level large sites with water and 30 amp electric.

However, in season, it is very busy.  Reservations recommended.

Tippy says that this would be a wonderful place to come just to watch the weeds grow.

The access roads within the campground are not paved - Sand.

In spots, the park roads are narrow - No problem for Treky but big motorhomes would have to be careful.

This is the fishing lake - Fishing equipment is available for rent.  Nice reflection - don't you think?

At the end of this road is a fish shelter.  Boats, canoes, and kayaks were for rent the day we were there.

This is what winter looks like in my part of South Carolina.

We hope to have the house repairs completed this week.  If so, our next trip will be the first week in February - maybe to the United States Aeronautical Museum at Robins Air Force Base - near Macon, Georgia.

Come on, ride with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Aiken State Park - South Carolina #1

Today, Tippy and I took a day-trip to Aiken State Park. It's only about 15 miles from home so we did not take Treky with us.  He would have been bored.

The entrance road to the park.  I'm sure it will be more attractive in the spring and summer.

We run into this "silent sentry" at every state park in every state.  Regular admission is $2.00 here with a 75 cent discount for SC citizens over the age of 65.  I never carry change so I put $2.00 in the envelope and moved on.  We have paid as much as $10.00 admission in some states up north.  I think most states charge $3.00.

For the most part, the roads throughout the park are one-way.  They are nice and smooth and level.

This is the parking area for the swimming lake that you cannot see; however, you can see the white building in the distance - that's the bath house for the swimming lake.

Nearby is a picnic shelter and play area for small children.  Nice.

Swings and picnic tables.

There are several hiking trails in the park.  Tippy thinks that the name, Jungle Trail, indicates that there will be at least one alligator down there; therefore, we bypassed this trail.

For an unknown reason, Google will not let me make this posts any longer so I'll continue our trip to Aiken State Park on the next post.

See you there,

Ron & Tippy

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Remembering Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta # 5

Treky did his best to select a campsite close to the action.  I think he did a good job.

When a balloon pilot looks up, this is what he sees.  He cannot see another balloon above him so higher balloons must give way and dodge lower balloons.

Green checker board

Solid Yellow

Almost landed on Treky's solar panels

This has been a very good year for our team (Ron, Tippy and Treky).  We have been on the road (that is away from home) for 181 days so far this year (2015)

We started the year at the Rose Parade.  In January, we went to rallies in Homosassa, Florida and Crystal River, Florida - - In February:   Silver Springs, FL, Saratoga, FL rally, Lake Panasofkee, FL;  March saw us in Myrtle Beach State Park, SC;  We were in Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama and a rally in Shreveport, Lousiana in April; In May, we went on a caravan going to Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN, Little Rock, Arkansas and Branson, MO - We saw 19 musical shows;  in June we were in Pennsylvania and West Virginia; We were at the exciting Oshkosh, Wisconsin Fly-in in July as well as the Upper Peninsular of Michigan; Green Bay, Wisconsin;  as well as a rally in Madison, Wisconsin;
August saw us spend time in Nashville, Tennessee attending a Roadtrek International Chapter rally - then on to a Solotreker get-to-gather in Hot Springs, Arkansas and finally to the Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Fiesta. In November, we spent our annual Thanksgiving holiday in Cedar Key, Florida. 

Now we are headed to Bushnell, Florida to spend Christmas week.

We'll  see you there.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Saturday, January 23, 2016

01-23-16 Very Little Snow

In the winter time, when days are short, Tippy has to "go outside" before daylight.  Look what he found this morning - about an inch of snow.  He stood at the top of the stairs for a long time deciding whether it was worth it to wade out into that wet snow stuff.

Finally, he decided that it is "worth it" and proceeded down the steps.

The car has some snow - the driveway has none.

The yard got a "smattering".  None sticking to the street.
Our unfinished roof got a little too - hope it's finished enough to keep the melting snow from leaking into the house.

I wonder who those sweet little tracks belong to.

So much for very little snow.  Watching reports from around the country, we are fortunate for "very little" snow.

We are going to travel some next month - just as soon as the house repairs are finished.

See you then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why We Are Not Traveling January 2016

In case you are wondering why Ron, Treky and I are not traveling this month..............

We had a tornado a while back and our roof was damaged.  So.................

Look what showed up on our driveway yesterday - Roofing shingles.

And look what showed up on our driveway today - - Roofers and their equipment.

They've got stuff everywhere - even on the lawn.

Our driveway was so full of "stuff" that Ron had to park our car on the street.  We think the roofers will take about a week to finish their job.  Then we will take-off. Treky is looking at a quick trip to Robins Air Force Base Aeronautical Museum near Warner Robins, Georgia for sometime early in February.  That's only about three hours away from our home.

See you then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Remembering Terlingua Ghost Town

Terlingua, Texas Ghost Town - May 11, 2013

About five miles from our campground is the original town of Terlingua, TX.  It was founded as a mining town.  Various exotic minerals were mined but especially abundant was mercury.

 There are numerous abandoned homes throughout the abandoned town. 

 At one time there even was a theater - now a bar.

 Got here in it, had a flat, left it.  It looks like every person who lived here just walked away and left all their belongings.

This is the cemetery - I estimate there are over a hundred marked graves.  Some are elaborate and some are just marked with a pile of rocks.

This is a skeleton riding a bike.  Morbid.

The sign says that the cemetery dates from the early 1900's when Terlingua was a flourishing mercury mining town.  It is still used by some citizens of the town.

 Simple grave

More elaborate graves

Abandoned house - note construction and the door

Old falling-down hotel -- Some "off the grid" folks still live on the ground floor.

We leave here in the morning and will spend a couple of days in Deming, NM resting and eating a steak at the Cattlemen's Restaurant there.  Then we will resume our National Park Tour at Saguaro NP before going to Joshua Tree NP

The high temperature here today was only 78 degrees but the forecast for Wednesday is a high of 104 degrees - time to move on.

Thanks for exploring Terlingua with us,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Remembering Terlingua, Texas

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Terlingua, Texas May 9, 2013

Seeing the sun rise in your rear view mirror means you are headed west.

 Tippy doesn't care much for South-West Texas lawns.

Not much color in the landscape here.  This is on the way from Alpine, Texas to Terlingua, Texas where we are camped.  

The road here is two-lane and twisty and curvy and up and down mountains and...........75 miles per hour speed limit.   Tippy says, "Oh no you don't!!!!"

This is a view from our campsite.

The sky is really blue down here.

One of the early RV's to make the trip here,

Tomorrow, we will go to a ghost town near here and then on down to the Rio Grande river and look across to Mexico.

We will see you then.