Monday, December 26, 2016

Florida Christmas Flowers

These ancient oaks are not flowers but I think they are beautiful.   The green ferns that grow on the oaks are called Resurrection Ferns.  They are "air plants" that get their nutrition from rain water and the air.  When there is no rain, they appear to be dead - all brown and brittle but when it rains, they come back to life - That's why they are called Resurrection ferns.  The campgrounds here in South Florida are full of old oak trees.

I have family who live in Birmingham, Alabma and they call these plants Elephant Ears.  Maybe they are called that everywhere??  I don't know.  Tippy says that they don't have an odor.  She can smell good.

My family called this plant, Mother-In-Law's Tongue".  It's sharp and can hurt you.  Every Mother-In-Law that I know are very nice people.  Somehow, Mother-In-Laws got a bad, but undeserved, reputation I guess.

I don't know the name of this little red plant.  Tippy thinks that the rocks add to the beauty of the garden.  Treky says that it never freezes here - not like his hometown of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

More plants that I cannot identify.  Someone put in a lot of time making this garden.  Tippy thinks that they had talent for this kind of thing too.

Tippy says, "Ron, do you know the name of this red and green plant?"  Ron:  Nope.

But I think that this is a regular azalia.

This is not a flower - It's a fountain - I like it mostly because I know its name.  Ha.

Can you see the tiny pink and green blooms?

Treky thinks that this is some kind of baby palm tree.  I always called it a Spanish Sword.  Those fronds are sharp and will cut you.

This is a fragile looking cactus - the bloom grows from a stalk that is about three feet tall.  Very fragile looking bloom.

That's all for the unknown-name flowers for today.

My next post will show you what Tippy and Treky got me for a Christmas present.  You won't believe it.  I didn't and I still can't get over it.

We'll see you in a couple of days.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Monday, December 19, 2016

We Found a Nugget on the Way to Florida

There's the old story of a gold miner who dug for gold for a year and found none but when he was walking away, he looked down and found a gold nugget.  That's the way it is with us.  Sometimes we find the darndest things (nuggets).

 We paid $1.94 for gas this trip - not bad

McDonald's has the Christmas spirit and has decorated their coffee cups.

When we left Brunswick, Georgia, the temperature was 66 degrees (F) at 7am.  Not bad.

As we pulled into the Florida Welcome Center, Treky started yelling, "Look, look - there's an old time RV - The front and rear look the same - You can't tell if it's coming or going  Ha  Ha."
This is the nugget that we found on this trip - totally unexpected.

Treky always checks license plates on RV's to see where they are from.  What a surprise here - Argentina!!!!  Lots of spanish words painted on the rear.  Treky and I don't speak Spanish.  Tippy says that she can speak Spanish - but you know Tippy - she sometimes lies.  Treky says, "Not sometimes - all the time".

There are decorations all over the rear of this VW bus.  Can you interpret?   I see "Argentina to Alaska" and several flags.  Boy, what a nugget we have found today.

Driver's side.

Treky says, "If they are going from Argentina to Alaska, what are they doing in Florida.  Florida is way off their route."  Whatever, it's interesting and unexpected - a nugget.

When we got to central Florida, the temperature was 84 degrees (F).  Tippy says that she feels sorry for the rest of the country - Many folks are experiencing record low temperatures and lots of snow.  Ron, Tippy and Treky love Florida.

You never know what nuggets we may find on our travels - Ride with us - Treky has room for you.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Packing Treky for a 10 Day Trip to Florida

Some things we take out of Treky after each trip and reload them prior to the next trip.

My clothes - one pair shorts, one pair long pants, two short sleeve shirts, two long sleeve shirts, one bed sheet and four pillow slips have to be loaded each trip.  Of course, the quantity of each depends on how long we will be gone.

My hearing aids - Old men sometimes need help hearing.

My HP 13 G1 Chromebook

 My Samsung camera.  I also use my phone to take pictures but the camera has a zoom of 21X and I can operate it with one hand.  

This case contains camera equipment:  an extra camera, battery chargers and extra batteries.

Oh Yeah, I must load Tippy before each trip.  We couldn't get 10 miles from home without her advise.

This little satchel is my office.  It contains paper, notebooks, envelopes, postage stamps, pens, Rally papers, my checkbook and a little cash.

Medicine that this old man must take each day.

Sort of first aid stuff

Hearing aid batteries

Underwear and socks

Bible and dirty clothes bag

I know this is not very interesting but several RV'ers have asked me about what I take on trips.

Headed to Florida - Come with us!

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Packing Treky for a Ten Day Trip

Some things, we don't have to pack.  We leave them in Treky all year round.

For example, under our bed is stored our fresh water hose (the purple thing), our 110 volt vacuum cleaner (in the Shark box), two chairs, a small table and Treky's windshield cover.  That's all on the left side of the storage area.

On the right side is a tool pouch, extension cord, extra shoes and an electrical 50 amp to 30 amp adapter.

Inside, we have two pillows - one for me and two for Tippy - Yep, he claims them both.  We take the pillow cases in to be washed after each trip.

Tippy has two leashes that stay in Treky all the time.  They are stored on the floor next to the fire extinguisher.

In Treky's side door pocket, we keep an atlas that shows campgrounds, Wallmarts, and Flying J's.  Also in that pocket is a book that lists information on all of the Florida State Parks; and a catalog of KOA locations.  Treky spends hours studying that Florida State Park book.  He loves Florida.

In a closet, I keep winter jackets and an extra hat. Tippy thinks that if we lived in Florida, we wouldn't have to keep those coates in Treky - just shorts and bathing suits and short sleeve shirts.  Tippy and Treky love Florida.

Treky has a railing running around his cockpit.  On the left side, we have two cups attached to the railing.  In the left cup, we keep the fantastic fan remote control and in the right are pens and pencils.  Above is Tippy's "Go to Meetin" dress up harness and bow.  She likes to dress up at new campgrounds.

Also, the green thing is my food tray that I use at Pot Luck suppers.  It holds much more than a paper plate.  I do have to wash it though.  The cup hold my sunglasses.

On the right railing, the cups hold poop bags and Tippy treats.

I leave this deodorant in Treky all year.  

Tippy has three toys that she keeps at the foot of the bed.  She loves toys -  the little squirrel is her favorite.

Enough for now, tomorrow, I'll show the things that we take out of Treky after each trip and must reload before each trip.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tippy Got a Christmas Card

Would you believe that I got a Christmas Card?  

And it's got a picture of a dog that looks a little like me.  Maybe it's one of my relatives.  And look, there are love hearts and one says, "I love you".  Boy, does that make this little girl feel good"!!!!!!

And look inside - That's how much Jill, Dick and Happy love me.  There are friends and there are good friends.  Jill, Dick and Happy are my good friends.

Tomorrow, we begin packing Treky for our Christmas trip to Florida.  

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Santee State Park, SC - # 3

More hurricane damage within the campground

Many of the campsites are right on Lake Marion.  See the lake out there?

Restroom on the left - picnic table on the right.  This is the main "road" within the campground.

This building is used for social gatherings - It's available for large camping clubs to hold their meetings and parties.  It's nice - especially if it's raining or cold.  There is a nice view of the lake from here too.

The campground was built in about 1949 and very little "nature" was removed.  Just enough trees were cut to allow an RV to park in a site.

See the little marker that says 125?  That's the site number. Each campsite is marked with a similar marker - No chance of parking in the wrong site.

Every site is equipped with water and electrical connections.  The sites that we checked had 30 amp electrical connections.

Most of the sites, like the one on the left are back-in sites; however, some that we saw down by the lake front were pull through.

We hate to see hurricane damage but that's nature at work.  I think we should leave nature alone and let it take care of itself.  

Headed home.  Tippy says, "I like Santee State Park.  I enjoyed it - I hope you did.  We're going to a campground in Florida for Christmas and Ron, Treky and I hope you will join us there.

Ron, Tippy and Treky