Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tippy's Christmas Present

I received an email from Amazon - Said that Tippy had placed an order using my account and credit card number.  When I asked him about it, he said that Amazon had a special on just for Jack Russell Terriers and he had never had a Christmas present.  He said his present only cost $24.99 and with a prime account he gets two day shipping and no shipping charges.  I tell you Tippy could probably qualify to be a CPA.  He's some dog,  I noticed that he is pacing back and forth.

He spent hours looking out the dining room window thinking that Fed Ex or UPS would come any minute.  Then, he would look out the deck window thinking they may have the address mixed up and are delivering his package to the wrong address.

The back to the dining room window looking the other way.

Finally, Tippy's Christmas present came - a new much improved harness.  It's easy on - easy off and has very wide straps so that they don't cut into Tippy's skin.

Better picture - Treky and I think that Tippy made a good buy and that being such a good best friend, he deserves to select his own present.  We love Tippy.

Tippy ordered a present for Treky from Amazon too - A license tag holder - Veteran U.S. Air Force.

In our neighborhood, we had a "luminaries" program - little candles inside a white bag.  Each home contributed $20.00 or $10.00 with the proceeds going to a Habitat house build.

When all the leaves fell from the trees, we found a little bird nest - how nice - maybe it will be used next year too.

We don't have a Christmas tree at home but I did hang a lighted wreath on my front door.

My good neighbor decorated my mail box - It's wonderful to have good neighbors - a Christmas gift actually.

We got a passel of Christmas cards this year. People don't send Christmas cards like they used to.  The internet is the reason I suppose.  Anyway I was pleased.

 We received Christmas presents from two of our good neighbors.  This is the fourth year they have done this - wonderful people to care for an old man and his dog.  The box contains cookies, cake, and brownies.  The Beggin Littles, of course, are for Tippy.

Tippy says, "Ron won't let me have my Beggin Littles treats until we are on the road.  Treky is in the driveway and loaded.  Let's go Ron - let's go!

On Monday, December 21st, we are going to Florida to have Christmas dinner with some of our camper friends.  One time, we had Christmas dinner here alone - we won't do that again!

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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