Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Florilow Oaks Campground Oaks

Checkout the oak trees behind Treky's campsite.  See out new chairs out front.  If we put out the chairs and Tippy and I sit in one, pretty soon someone comes along and visits with us.  Tippy and I like that especially if they have a dog.  Yesterday someone stopped by with their  cat.  Believe it or not, Tippy and the cat got along just fine.  Tippy even licked the cat's nose.  He's a strange dog - but good.

Speaking of Tippy - his rule is, "who gets in bed first gets the pillow".

The tops of the oaks form all sorts of patterns.  We love these old trees.

These trees tower over the Florilow Rec Hall.  To the left there is the fire ring where social hour takes place each day at four o'clock and to the right are two of the shuffle board courts.

I especially like this one.  All of the roads in Florilow are paved and are one-way.  Many of  the structures are Park-Models and are more or less permanent.  Some folks live here year round, some live here only in the winter and then go back north in the summer and a few like us spend only a few days.

Another view of the trees behind Treky.

There are two small calves in the field behind us and Tippy is intrigued by them. He's a city dog and I don't think that he has ever seen a cow.  He's not afraid of them - just curious.

These are the oaks over Tippy's dog park.

Full moon on Christmas night as seen through Oak tree limbs

We will remain here for another day or two.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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