Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Remembering Tippy and the Armadillo

Hot Springs, Arkansas sunset

Treky resting comfortably in his campsite - He has his awning out - his blindfold is on (he calls it his sunglasses) - note our new chairs and the barbecue grill.  Treky called Tippy - "Tippy, there is something here on my site and it looks dangerous - get out here and scare it away".

Tippy rushed around the corner and saw the thing slowly coming onto our site.

Tippy got very close to the Armadillo to see what it smelled like.

Tippy says, "It doesn't look good and it doesn't smell good - I'm going to leave it alone and maybe it will go away."  Tippy did stand watch to see that the Armadillo didn't damage Treky or our chairs.  At nightfall the Armadillo slowly crawled off into the woods and Treky came inside and went to sleep.

One more day here in Hot Springs - then off to the west.  I think that tomorrow we will visit a garden in Hot Springs that everyone has been talking about.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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