Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Remembering Our Last Day at the Nashville Rally

I'm having fun at the Nashville Chapter Rally.  I would like to do this for another 11 years.  I'm 11 years old.  My birthday is June 2nd, 2004 (I think).

We have row after row of Roadtreks.  Tippy believes that in every Roadtrek, there is someone who wants to pet him.  One Roadtreker even brought some treats for Tippy.  Treky enjoys his conversations with his fellow Trekers from all over the United States and Canada.  He says that he learns a lot about how his systems work.

Treky put this sign on his dashboard so that people walking by will know who lives here.

Tippy and I were going to play chess but I don't know how.  Tippy says that he knows how but the pieces are bigger than he is.

We could go swimming.  Tippy says, "No, I hate water - - -- too much like a bath."

Blue sky over Nashville, Tennessee.  Ron, Tippy and Treky say that this blue sky illustrates the way we feel about out life. There is no rain or clouds in our lives.

Tippy says, "We will leave here in the morning and had West to somewhere - - we will know where when we get there.  In the meantime, we have everything we need right here in Treky and with each other.  

Having the time of our lives - - Best days EVER!!!!

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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