Sunday, December 6, 2015

Remembering Mammoth Cave National Park

This was Treky's surprise - Mammoth Cave National Park.

There are only two sites in the National Park that have full hookups - Site 90 and 91.  We were very lucky to get site 91.  The usual rental fee for this site is $50.00 per night but I used my Golden Age pass and the site costs us only $25.00.  Many years ago, I paid $10.00 for this pass.  Just this one time saved my $25.00.  That was a good investment.

There's Treky very comfortable in full hookup site # 91.

This is the Mammoth Cave train.  In the olden days, it would pickup passengers in Bowling Green, Kentucky and transport them to the cave.  Bowling Green 
was the end of the line for the L & N Railroad.  This was before modern highways linked the cave with the outside world.

Tippy and I hiked several beautiful trails in the park.

You hang your garbage on this device to keep raccoons from scattering your garbage.

 Almost all of the campsites in the park are occupied by tents and most of those are occupied by very young families - - Nice!!!

Outside of the Visitor's Center.

Inside view of the Visitor's Center - Very crowded - Reservation required to go into the cave with a guide.  I've been there and done that - I got out of breath then and now it's just too much for this old man.

Can you see our much-loved Treky up there at the end of the row?   Tomorrow, Treky will take us to camp on the banks of the Mississippi River.

See ya then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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