Monday, December 28, 2015

Kennedy Space Center Visit - - Fail

Everytime I turn my back, Tippy gets into my Chromebook.  He claims that he published a post yesterday concerning email notification  when we  publish a new post.  I don't know about Tippy.  Treky says that sometimes Tippy tells lies.

Before we left Bushnell headed to Kennedy Space Center, I had breakfast at my favorite breakfast place - Howies, where I can get two eggs cooked to order, crisp bacon, grits and toast for $4.98. Coffee is extra.

 My overall favorite Bushnell restaurant is Sonny's - Baby back ribs, corn-on-the-cob, cole slaw, hot barbecue sauce and sweet tea - - ummmmmmm  good.

Treky drove all the way across Florida, from near the Gulf coast to the Atlantic to reach Kennedy Space Center.  Treky was very unhappy - he selected a toll road and he says that every six or seven miles there was a toll booth.  He paid a total of $13.00 in tolls - a dollar at a time except for once was $3.00.  He didn't mind the amount of money involved but the frequency made him unhappy.

Treky arrived at the Space Center's Visitors' parking area early to miss the crowds but there were already thousands of cars there.  He finally found a parking place in lot # 5.  Treky sorta stands out - doesn't he?  Treky was upset that he had to pay $10.00 just to park - he felt some better when they agreed to accept his credit card.

This looks like a reproduction of a launch vehicle.  I took this picture over the fence from the parking lot.

There were tens of thousands of people all waiting to buy tickets (The minimum admission is $50.00 per person plus additional events were available such as guided tours for additional costs.)

Ron devoted ten years of his life (1959 - 1969) to the space program as Saturn/Apollo Program Manager for his company.  He was personally invited by Dr. Werner Von Braune to view each launch.

This is page one of my invitation from Dr. Von Braune to witness the very first launch of the Apollo/Saturn.  Note that he called me Wally. My real first name is Wallace - therefore, Wally.  When he wanted to get your attention, he wouldn't send a regular letter.  He would send a telegram - that's what this is.  We had no email.  We had no computers.  He has identified me as Program Manager.

Therefore, I'm not paying to see models and reproductions of somethings I helped make.   Tippy and Treky are ashamed of my bad attitude.

Tourists taking pictures of tourists taking pictures - lined up to buy tickets.

Too much for this old guy - too many memories of 36 hour days - no time off to eat or shave or shower.  Oh well life goes on.

So, we moved on -  headed South - not much conversation on our trip down to Fort Pierce, Florida.

We'll see you there tomorrow.  Forgive bad attitude.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Once again you show why we consider you "the most interesting man in the world!"