Tuesday, December 15, 2015

International Balloon Festival - Albuquerque, New Mexico #1

For nine days in October, the New Mexico skies are full  of balloons.  This time there are 550 balloons participating.

There are 80 Roadtreks - - 128 people camping here with front row campsites.  Many are the same people that we camped with in Nashville and Hot Springs last month.

The balloons launch in an area about a mile from where we are parked and if we are lucky, the wind will take them in our direction.

This one is landing in the field just behind Treky.  The pickup truck is part of the "chase crew".  

This one also landed just behind Treky and the pickup truck again is part of the chase crew.  If you volunteer to be part of the chase crew, you will be invited to ride in a balloon.

More landings.  On the left you can see the front of a Roadtrek - Tippy's neighbor.  I took the picture standing just behind Treky.

This is the basket that the pilot and passengers ride in.  Just before I took this picture, I reached up and shook hands with the person you see.

Another balloon, landing in the midst of some motor homes.

Can you see some of the different shapes?

More tomorrow

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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