Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ft. Pierce, Florida KOA Campground

When we left NASA Kennedy Space Center, we got on US highway 1 and headed South.  U S highway 1 runs from Key West in the South to Bangor, Maine and beyond in the North.

Tippy likes KOA, Ft. Pierce.  This is Treky's campsite fenced in from U S 1 highway.

He also likes the palm trees - Ha.

The campsites here are arranged in a circle.

The pedestals, where we plug in electric and water have a unique shape - much better looking than the usual 2 x 8 board driven into the ground.

They call their dog park, Kamp K9 

Tippy:  "I like the dog park here but I'm not going to get on that see/saw.

Can you see Treky squeezed into that tint campsite?  That's U S highway 1 on his right.  Traffic did not bother us.  We slept well.

They are still celebrating Christmas

Their flags show their patriotism and advertise at the same time.

We will head back to the West coast of Florida tomorrow. 

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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