Monday, December 21, 2015

Fort Clinch and the State Park Campground

Walkway to the Atlantic Ocean - about 50 yards from Treky's campsite.

I'm told that Florida is very serious about this.  If one is found with sea oats, you are taken straight to jail - you can explain the circumstances to a judge.  Same with climbing on or damaging the dunes.

No swimming today; however, it is warm enough.  This afternoon the temp should go up into the 80's.

It's white capping out there.  The sea breeze clears up my allergies and makes breathing easier.  Here we are at seven feet above sea level.

This is the view from Treky's rear windows

Treky's neighbor, an Airstream, brought snow from up north for Santa - Looks out of place here in Florida - but nice.

Sunrise at 6:00 am

15 minutes later

Fort Clinch Welcome Center - Fort Clinch was built in 1847 but the site was first fortified by the Spanish in 1736.

After the end of the second Seminole War, the U S constructed the fort.  Confederate forces seized the fort in 1861 and used it for a safe haven for the blockade runners.

That's the fort with a few cannon.  Federal troops reoccupied it in 1862.  In 1898, the fort was reactivated for use during the Spanish American War.

During the Great  Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps restored the fort to the Civil War era.

All this time, Treky and Tippy have been patiently waiting in the parking lot.  They're great to have as best friends.

We don't know what we will do next - just wander around and see what we will find.  Come with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Once again you leave town and the weather turns bad! Tons of rain!
    We want to wish you, Tippy, and of course Treky a very Merry Christmas!
    Dick & Jill