Thursday, December 31, 2015

Crossing Florida - East to West

You remember that Treky was upset when we crossed Florida from West to East?  Traffic was heavy on the Florida Tollway - It costs $13.00 in tolls and we had to stop every few miles to pay the tolls.  So.......when we reversed and traveled East to West, Treky took the "less-traveled" blue highways.  Big difference.

Just look at this "back-roads" highway - 65 miles per hour speed limit, flat and straight - doesn't get better than this.

Cattle ranches in all directions - Almost no traffic.

Even a small hill now and then.

Travel conditions were perfect until we got close to the West coast where lots of people live.  People like to live close to water - Everywhere.  

Check us out tomorrow when we see how too many people and too much traffic can be miserable. 

Today was great!

Ron,Tippy and Treky

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