Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tropical Palms RV Resort and Campground, Kissimmee, Florida

Treky just loves his site # 433 at Tropical Palms RV Resort and Campground.  The temperature here last night was in the high 60's and at 11am it's 87 degrees (F).  Treky points out that his exhaust fan vent door on his roof is open and the fan is operating.  Also, his solar panels are soaking up this warm Florida sunshine and his awning is providing needed shade for our camping chairs.

You can see the beautiful setting of Treky's site - - Palm trees and Spanish Moss.  He's happy.

This is the scene one row over from our site.

Look at this little mo-ped scooter - While I was looking at it and wondering if It would be a good addition to our team,  Tippy insisted that we move on.  He thinks I would probably wreck it.  but I think it's nice; however I always listen to Tippy - He has kept me out of trouble many times.

Can you see the bird?

Closer picture

Covered resting areas are located throughout the park.  They are nice for sitting around talking to other campers.

The bird decided to cool off in the stream that runs throughout the park.  Tippy thinks that the bird is looking for a fish to eat.

Tomorrow, we'll post about the Technical and Communications Rally.

That's all for today,

Ron, Tippy and Treky in Kissimmee, Florida

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