Thursday, November 19, 2015

Traveling in Florida

We're here - Not at our destination yet but at least we are in the same state.

We paid $1.90 for gas at the Flying J, Exit 29, I-95 in Georgia just before we crossed into Florida - not a bad price at all.

This is the Florida Welcome Center - That's Treky's right front fender that snuck into the picture.

And there's Treky parked almost all alone - It's early in the morning - about 7:00 am and the Floridians are all still in bed I guess.  Tippy and I were taking a long walk in the designated "Pet Exercise Area".

We see a lot of different rigs on the highway - one of the more interesting ones is the automobile carrier.  Somebody in South Florida is biting their fingernails waiting anxiously for their new car.  One thing Treky likes about the car carriers is that they don't throw up water on us when they pass.

Florida highways are nice - smooth, flat and straight.  We like almost everything about Florida except...........

You don't have to tell us twice - we will beware.  Tippy thinks the other thing he doesn't like is alligators.

We expect to post from Bushnell, Florida tomorrow - We'll be there a few days before moving on to Cedar Key.

Take care - Tippy says "I love you!"

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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