Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stephen Foster Museum, White Springs, Florida

 Tippy, Treky and I were cruising west on I-10 going to a rally in Kissimmee, Florida and noticed a road sign advertising the Stephen Foster State Park and Museum.  That sounded interesting - - so we turned off the interstate and headed to White Springs, Florida to look into the museum.

Museums don't allow dogs or camper vans so Tippy and Treky waited in the parking lot under some beautiful old oak trees while I went inside.

The museum is located within the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park and is housed in this old plantation home.  You can see from the sidewalk that it is raining.  It has rained heavily on us all the way from South Carolina.

This is the first museum room.  It is very large and is furnished with about a dozen pianos and many dioramas depicting life in Stephen Foster's time.  Foster was born July 4, 1826.  Before his death in 1864, he composed more than 200 songs.  He is known as "America's Troubadour".

One of the pianos on display in the first museum room.  I remember hearing and singing some of Foster's songs.  One of his songs, "Beautiful Dreamer" can be found in the first of the latest release of the "Batman" movie.  Four of his songs were included in the movie, "Gone with the Wind".  They were: Katie Bell; Louisianna Belle; My Old Kentucky Home; and Massa's in the Cold Cold Ground.

This diorama depictes Foster writing the song, "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair".

This diorama illustrates one of his songs - Camptown Races.

 I think this is his most famous song:  "Way Down Upon de Swanee River".

The second large museum room is much like the first except for different styles of pianos and additional dioramas.  Tippy keeps calling me on his cell phone wanting me to hurry up and Treky is starting to blow his horn.  They boss me around.  But what can I do?  There's two of them and one of me.  They out vote me.  I love'm anyway.

Tippy says, "Ron, we love you too but you stay in museums too long while Treky and I sit in parking lots watching the weeds grow"

Tomorrow, we should publish a little about our T & C rally in Kissimmee, Florida.

Thanks for riding with us,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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