Friday, November 20, 2015

FloriLow Oaks RV Park

The FloriLow RV park was originally built by a group of the Loners on Wheels members.  It is now operated by an elected board of directors and managed by a park manager.  It is located near Bushnell, Florida

Treky likes to stay here because of the shady spacious sites.  He likes site 527 especially.  Check out his shady oak trees.

One reason Tippy likes it here is the large dog park that is populated with lizards that he likes to try to catch.  So far, he has chased many and caught none.

The dog park is shaded by huge old oak trees.  The branches almost touch the ground.  Notice the ferns growing out of the oak tree limbs.

Shuffle board is offered but none of us know how to play - We do enjoy watching though.

About 4:00 pm each day, RVers gather around the campfire to talk over their day's activities and tell jokes - They call this the social hour.  Tippy is not allowed and Treky says that he would feel out of place so I don't go either.

 Tippy would rather take a quick nap than go to the social hour.

Some of the campers park around the lake - nice view.

But Treky is backed up to the fence in the shade.

Tippy found these flowers along the walking path at the park.

The walking path that Tippy and I enjoy

We filled Treky's tank today in Bushnell - $2.02 is not bad price at all for Florida.

We drove to Homosassa, Florida today to see a Butterfly museum.  When we got there we found that it had gone out of business last year and the building is now occupied by a furniture outlet.  Tippy says, "It's best to call ahead - - 54 miles shot".  I don't care though - I just like to drive.

It may be a couple of days before we post again - Not much happening.

Treky got a bath today.

Ron, Tippy and Treky feeling good,

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  1. Hi Ron! You know the saying "you can run, but you can't hide!" I found you again!! Safe travels, I always enjoy your trips. Tell Treky to keep rolling and give Tippy a hug ;-D