Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dade Battlefield Part Two

Only 24 stars in 1835 when the Dade Battle took place.

I think this is self explanatory and interesting too.

The actual battle took place along this road.

We had a picture of the redoubt of logs yesterday.

Tippy thinks the little bridge is neat.

Where Lt. Mudge fell mortally wounded.

The battle was one-sided.

A Palm tree growing up through one of the Oaks.

Where Captain Fraser fell.

They didn't even want the enlisted men to be buried with the officers - That hasn't changed much.

Where Major Dade fell.  Many places in Florida are named after Major Dade.

Canopy of Oaks

They call this the "Ancient Oak".  Depending on who you talk to, it's either 750 years old or 2000 years old.  Tippy thinks the Oak doesn't care one way or the other.


This is why Treky is not allowed back here.  He would lose his solar panels.  If you look real hard, you can see him in the distance.

There is a visitor's center with brochures, a movie, and displays.

Good Info

This and the following pictures are from inside the visitor's center.

OK, that wraps up our visit to the Dade Battlefield.

Next we will make a very quick visit to the Florida National Cemetery - - then on to Cedar Key.

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