Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dade Battlefield, Part One

Today, we are going to explore Dade Battlefield State Park.

I didn't have to set an alarm clock.  About 6:00 am these two cows appeared on the fence right behind Treky and started bawling.  It really wasn't a bad way to wake up.  We needed to get an early start.

Part of getting an early start involved letting someone else prepare my breakfast - - so I stopped at "Howie's Family Restaurant".

For $4.99, I got two eggs cooked to order, four pieces of bacon, grits and toast.  The coffee was $1.25.  ... ...  The best breakfast I have had in years.  Doesn't it look good?

Treky paid the $3.00 and followed the other instructions explicitly.  He's very strict about following the rules.

Treky waited right by the entrance until he had all the papers in order.  Do you notice how clean and shiney Treky is after his bath yesterday?

Look at the trees hanging over the entrance road.  Those ferns growing out of the oaks are "Resurrection Ferns".  They have no roots down to the soil.  They live on air, water and sunshine. They come out and are green when it rains - when it's dry, they dry up and turn brown.

 Those low lying shrubs that look like palm boughs are what I call Spanish Swords.  I don't know their real name but I do know they will cut you like a sword.  Tippy won't go near them.

Treky has found himself a good, out of the way, parking place - so we are ready to walk a while - that is Tippy and I.  Tippy appreciates places where he is welcome.  He is welcome here - outside of the buildings.

This is an accurate reconstruction of the battlements that Dade's men constructed trying to defend themselves from the Seminoles.

The battle that started the Second Seminole War is commemorated in January each year here at the Dade Battleground State Park.

On December 28, 1835, Seminole Indian warriors ambushed 108 soldiers here.  Only three of those soldier survived.

Self Explanatory

Tippy: "Can you imagine a bloody battle taking place in such a peaceful and beautiful place?"

I hope you can read this explanation of a Cabbage Palm.

Can you see Treky way over there?

We'll finish our tour of Dade Battlefield tomorrow.

See you then.............

Ron, Tippy and Treky


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