Friday, November 27, 2015

Cedar Key # 3 The Village

Cedar Key Village "Touristy Shop" sign.

Some old quaint downtown buildings - Old Florida

We will tour this museum one day before we leave Cedar Key.

More downtown old buildings - We ate clam chowder for lunch at Tony's cafe - the building on the left.

That's the Gulf of Mexico way out there and the little strip of sand is the beach.

Walking across the bridge to the newer section of the village.

Some of the newer buildings - dress shops, restaurants, bars, etc.  hang out over the Gulf of Mexico.

A group of Roadtrekers eating Tony's award winning Clam Chowder for lunch.

Maybe tomorrow we'll post about the museum and the Thanksgiving dinner at the campground.

Ron, Tippy and Treky totally relaxed and smiling.

Cedar Key # 5 Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving day weather was perfect at Cedar Key - Temperature in the mid 70's most of the day and bright sun and blue skies.

This is just the beginning of the food brought by campers.  The campground owner provided the turkey and ham.

Early arrivals seeking a place near the front of the food line.  Eventually there were over 100 people served (my estimate)

The food table was so crowed it was difficult to find room for the new additions.

This is the desert table early on.  We contributed a chocolate cream cake.  You can see it at the far end - the dark colored one.

On my plate, I had turkey, ham, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, dressing, fruit salad, deviled eggs, gravy, green beans, and I can't remember the rest.  On Thanksgiving day, I did not eat supper I was so full from the lunch.  Everyone had a great time eating outdoors in the beautiful perfect weather overlooking the water.

We may have one more post from Cedar Key - then off to home.  I did, however, make reservations for next year (2016)

See you all tomorrow, maybe.  Thanks so much for riding with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Cedar Key # 4 Museum

Tippy couldn't believe it but the folks working in the museum invited him to come along with me to tour the museum - That was very nice and meant a lot to Tippy and me.

Model of the old Cedar Key lighthouse.  Most of the items in the museum were meaningful to those who live on Cedar Key but did not have personal meaning to me.

Model of the old Cedar Key fish market and dock.

Cane bottom chair covered in animal  skin

Old rocking chair and baby cradle 

Old Cedar Key post office sorting bin

Example of the style of ladies dresses from the olden days of Cedar Key

Old Peanut Roaster

Ancient cash register

Thanksgiving dinner pictures tomorrow.

See you then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cedar Key, Florida # 2

Night time with the tide out viewed from our campsite.

The name of our RV park is Sunset Isle.  This is their sign on the road.  An artist lived in this tiny trailer for a while and did the painting.  Now she has moved into her own house here in  Cedar Key.  Art must pay pretty well.  Anyway, I think she's a good artist - fits in with the place.

This is the park office and dinning room.  Look at those trees growing right out of the deck.  The cafe is named "Ada Blue".  I don't know why but it works.  I had a shrimp basket for lunch there yesterday - very good - local shrimp.

Flowers are planted throughout the park.

As  always, I don't know the name of this flower (or any other plant) but I think that it's unusual and pretty in it's own way - Kinda like Ron, Tippy and Treky.  Ha!

There will be nine of us, Roadtrekers, here.  You can see seven in this picture - Treky is the fifth one on the left - all the way down by the palm tree with our chairs our front.

Tomorrow, I think we will go down to the little village of Cedar Key and look around.   See you then.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Cedar Key, Florida - #1

The road to Cedar Key is not an interstate highway.  Speed limit is 55 MPH to get you used to slowing down to the Cedar Key way of life. Cedar Key is "Old Florida".

Treky has an outstanding campsite.  He's backed up to the water.

Treky's site has a dock.

and a beautiful view of the water.

Tippy likes to wander around on our dock.

And he sits for hours looking out Treky's rear windows just watching the water, slowing down and relaxing.

Night time view - - what do you think?

The nearest quick-food place is about 50 miles east of here and there are no traffic lights or even street lights.

We will be here for  seven days including Thanksgiving dinner with the other campers.  It's nice not to have to eat Thanksgiving dinner alone.  We will probably  have at least seven posts from here at Cedar Key, Florida.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Florida National Cemetery

We will just make a quick drive through.  I just cannot be this close without at least saying, "Thanks"

President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - - When I was in the seventh grade, all students in the Birmingham, Alabama school system had to memorize it.  It's appropriate for a national cemetery.

Not everyone wants to be buried below ground.

There are over 25,000 buried here and more are added everyday.

We will see yawl in a couple of days in Cedar Key, Florida.  We expect cool wet weather.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Dade Battlefield Part Two

Only 24 stars in 1835 when the Dade Battle took place.

I think this is self explanatory and interesting too.

The actual battle took place along this road.

We had a picture of the redoubt of logs yesterday.

Tippy thinks the little bridge is neat.

Where Lt. Mudge fell mortally wounded.

The battle was one-sided.

A Palm tree growing up through one of the Oaks.

Where Captain Fraser fell.

They didn't even want the enlisted men to be buried with the officers - That hasn't changed much.

Where Major Dade fell.  Many places in Florida are named after Major Dade.

Canopy of Oaks

They call this the "Ancient Oak".  Depending on who you talk to, it's either 750 years old or 2000 years old.  Tippy thinks the Oak doesn't care one way or the other.


This is why Treky is not allowed back here.  He would lose his solar panels.  If you look real hard, you can see him in the distance.

There is a visitor's center with brochures, a movie, and displays.

Good Info

This and the following pictures are from inside the visitor's center.

OK, that wraps up our visit to the Dade Battlefield.

Next we will make a very quick visit to the Florida National Cemetery - - then on to Cedar Key.