Friday, July 17, 2015

Tippy's Thoughts on Redecorating

Ron posted a bunch of pictures showing the redecorating of our house.  He led you to believe that he made the decisions about the redecorating.  Here's the truth.  I selected the couch.  It is low enough that I can easily jump up on it.  The brown color is just right so as to not show my hair that is constantly shedding.

I bought this stature of a dog from Hobby Lobby.  Canines should be honored in my house.

I insisted on a clear fireplace hearth so I can backup and warm my rear end in winter.  Everyone likes a warm rear end.  Mine has no covering - it's just bare and hanging out there to freeze in cold weather.  I would like to play with Ron's cars.

One very important feature is a blind that opens just right for me to look out the dining room window.

It's my job to let Ron know when a car stops in the street in front of our house or when UPS drives by without leaving a package for us.

We are on the road.  The first night we spent at Hale Bar Dam on the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The second night we slept at Watson, Illinois and tonight we will camp in Oshkosh, Wisconsin but not at the air show until tomorrow.

If we are lucky, maybe we will have a few picture of some aircraft tomorrow.  There will be over 1000 airplanes here.

Written by Tippy for Ron, Tippy and Treky

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