Sunday, July 5, 2015

Remembering Alaska - May 2014

After crossing the Canadian border, the normal route would be to go through Calgary on to Edmonton - all four-lane interstate type roads; however, Treky decided to go different route.  When we got to Calgary, Treky headed West through Banff, Lake Louise and Banff National Park which joins Jasper National Park.  We  spent the night of May 28, 2014 in an open field in Banff National Park and did just fine.

These are not tunnels for cars to go through as much as they are overpasses for large animals to to over the highway to keep them safe.  Also, note the background.  These are the Canadian Rockies.

These are the big guys - Biggest I have ever seen.  The Columbia Ice Fields Parkway is about 200 miles of this and more.  I have taken more than 100 pictures taken along this highway.  Note that little road down below.  That's the main highway.

I paid $8.00 Canadian for a 24-hour pass for both Jasper and Banff National Parks.  This allowed me time to sleep anywhere along the way that Treky could find.  A vacant field served just fine.  I had to run the propane furnace for a little while as the temperature got down into the low 40's (F).

Treky checking it all out.

Note:  Ron, Tippy and Treky took this trip last year.  These pictures were taken in May 2014.  I'm posting them because our next trip will be two weeks from now and these are good memories.

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