Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oshkosh Fly-In # 7

Tippy loves this grassy campground and the 70's temperature.  The high each day is usually in the low 80's and it gets down into the 60's at night.  Good break from South Carolina temps.  Tippy is on a new medicine - Keppra.  It has shown promise in controlling seizures in human children so our vet decided to try it on Tippy - so far so good -  it's been a month since his last seizure.

This is the electrical connection point located behind Treky.  Four motor homes are plugged into this device. The cables running off to the right go to a large generator.

The plane in the distance is an Air Bus - It's about the size of the 747 - very large.

People are lined up for a quarter of a mile to go through the Air Bus.  See the man up there with the flag?  That will give you an idea just how big this plane is.

This is an Air Bus engine.  You could fit two or three Treky's up in there.

This is a B-17 - the work-horse bomber of World War II.  It was replaced by the B-29 near the end of the war.  As the picture shows, it is a very popular attraction.

When I wrote about radio call signs, I forgot about A.  There are four call sign prefixes assigned to the United States.  W, A, N, and K.  My call sign is: NC4F.

I don't recognize this plane - People are lined up to go into it.

There are my 50 caliber nose-mounted machine guns again.  Much much more about this plane in a later post.

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  1. poor Tippy. I don't think he is enjoying this trip so much...