Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oshkosh Fly-In # 5

There are shady places to rest and eat throughout the facility.

This is the menu at one such place.  I ate at Hangar B concession stand and had a hot dog with lots of onions and a chocolate shake with whipped cream for $8.00.  By the way, a little spelling lesson:  HangEr is something you hang clothes on.  HangAr is where you park airplanes.  Free lesson from an old time technical writer.

This is a biplane.  Bi means 2 - two wings.

This is the United States Air Force Honor Band.  They bow their heads for 10 minutes before every performance - - WOW!!!!

These  are 50 caliber air-cooled machine guns.  I started working on there in the Alabama Air National Guard at my age 17 and continued in the Air Force to age 25.  The little white plugs are to keep foreign material out of the barrels  -  Firing the gun just blows them away.

A better view of the plane and gawkers.  This is the P-38 fighter.  It is the most beautiful plane ever made.  It has two fuselages and the cockpit is between.

Can you see the two fuselages of the P-38?  The cockpit is under the cloth cover.  Do you think I like this plane?

We may start publishing two posts per day to catch up.

Ron, Tippy and Treky having fun scratching one more item off the bucket list.

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