Friday, July 31, 2015

FMCA Rally - Madison, Wisconsin

This is the name of the rally.

There are about a hundred vendors selling everything RV and some other stuff (jewelery - clothing) too.  I bought a voltmeter that I have been looking for.

There are food items too.  I got a "cranberry bread" chicken salad sandwich that was a good as I have ever had.  Tippy recommends it too.

My most enjoyable seminar was the "Geeks on Tour" talking about Picasa and Google Photo.

Here's Treky with his sunglasses on and our old red sun-faded chair. Treky's got his awning out to protect his side from the sun.

There are 21 Roadtreks here parked fairly close together.  Treky is second from left here.  He's different.

This is one of the building that we used.  It is called "The Veterans Coliseum".

 Coffee and donut time - - 7 am to 9 am everyday.

I was entertained every morning by the "Frustrated Maestros" band and choir.

Plaque on front of coliseum.

 This plaque is located at the base of a tree.  I took the picture because I like the poem and trees and the author Joyce Kilmer.

Well, that's it for now.  We will be home for most of the next few weeks - we have nothing planned until a very long trip starting the middle of September; therefore, this will be the last post until then.

Thank for riding along with us on this trip - you made it more enjoyable for us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Michigan - Upper Peninsula

About 20 yards behind Treky, through those woods, is Lake Michigan.  Treky is camped in Hiawatha National Forest.

 Just before sunrise - National Forest Land at Lake Michigan

Sunrise over Lake Michigan

We are camped on the North side of Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan in the National Forest - Tippy sings, "This land is my land - so I don't have to pay to camp!"

I hate to rub it in to my southern friends but the temperature at 7 am is 61 degrees.  Cool 

U S Highway 2 stretches all the way across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It's two-way mostly, very smooth and straight.  No trucks at all - On our right (south) is Lake Michigan.

Tippy is happy that we found a McDonalds.

Tippy loves the new smells here.

Traffic jam at the toll booth for the Mackinaw Bridge.

The bridge - cost Treky $4.00 to cross one way.

We may stay here tonight - Treky says, "Or maybe not - I'll  just have to check it out."

We are just roaming - exploring while we wait for the FMCA rally in Madison to start on the 4/29. So we don't know what's next.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Green Bay National Transportation Museum

Real steam locomotive

Tongs used to pick up cross ties

You could sleep in a Pullman car.

In a Pullman car, these seats convert into

Bed - Doesn't look as comfortable as Treky's bed

Caboose - This was the last car in the train - the Conductor rode in it.

This is a "Cow Catcher"  It was used to push cows off the tracts.....Also moose in Alaska had to be pushed off the tracts with a cow catcher.

Tippy was not allowed in the Railroad Museum - He said that he wasn't interested anyway.  He stayed comfy in Treky - Note the exhaust fan port open on Treky's roof.

I have to show you this.  Diesel is cheaper than gasoline here in Wisconsin!  Can you believe it?

Next we are going to drive around the upper peninsula of Michigan along the shore of Lake Michigan and maybe down to Mackinaw City.  Then back to Madison, Wisconsin for an FMCA rally.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

Oshkosh Fly-In # 10

Each night while at Oshkosh, the Fantasy RV Tour crew fixed our supper and we ate out in the open behind some motor homes.

One afternoon, we had noodles and meat balls with Cajun sauce, a salad and bread - as always, I saved some of the meat ball for Tippy.

For desert, a chocolate dipped ice cream cone.

Once the campground bus got us to the convention area, we traveled by tram.

This is a Korean War Staff Car.  Generals rode around in these.  We didn't see many Generals on the flight line.

I went to an aircraft museum.  It had every kind of aircraft that you can imagine.  I took almost 50 pictures but I will show only this one to keep from boring you.

After the museum visit, Tippy and I sat behind Treky and watched aerobatics for almost three hours.

Tippy says, "It's hard to believe what those stunt pilots do.  Makes me sick at my stomach to watch them."

I turned 85 years old the other day - - - Shows. That's Treky behind me.

We enjoyed eight days of Oshkosh Fly-In but all things must come to an end and this is the end of Oshkosh for us.

I think that next we will run up  to Green Bay to a famous railroad museum and then on up to the upper peninsula of Michigan - maybe campout in the wild - on National Forest land.

Ron, Tippy and Treky. 

Oshkosh Fly-In # 9

When I was 17 years old, I joined the Alabama Air National Guard and requested that I be trained as an airborne gunner.  The plane that I trained in was the B-26 (earlier called the A-26) Invader.  It has the distinction of being the only bomber to have served in three wars: World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War.  Top speed was about 300 MPH and we trained for bombing runs at 300 feet altitude - Tree top!

This particular plane is privately owned.  The owner was present and I had a long conversation with him.  It was interesting for both of us.

This is where I sat - We had a crew of three in this plane.  You could see the gunner's head in the top window and his feet in the small window at the bottom.  I operated two turrets remotely.  The white dome you see at the top was where the top turret was located.  The bottom turret is not shown but it was just to the rear of the little bottom window.  Each turret contained two 50 caliber air cooled machine guns.

This is a 500 pound "Frag" bomb.  When I was training, we used 100 pound practice bombs filled with sand.

Better view

How did that old man get into the picture?  Lots of memories.

This is a TUG.  You don't start an airplane to move it around.  You tow it with a Tug.  Tug drivers must be very careful.

This is a real Jeep.  Looks like something out of MASH.  Officers rode these out to the flight line.  I walked.

Just another War Bird.

One more post will wrap-up Oshkosh I think.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oshkosh Fly-In # 8

Not everything at this air show takes place on the ground.  Some of the aerobatics are unbelievable.

Formations of older planes were featured one morning.

Many of the stunt pilots used smoke trails - the planes in this picture appear as small dots.

Tippy and I dug out the old red chair and watched some of the air show sitting behind Treky.  Many of the dogs were frightened by the loud engine noises - not Tippy - He's perfect.

Of course, you cannot have an air show without the Goodyear Blimp.

We explored the "old War Birds Section"

I think that's a P-47 Mustang - I may be wrong.

That's a P-51- I worked on P-51's while stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base in California.

These are the parts that I worked on - Wing mounted 50 caliber machine guns and under the wing bomb racks.

Entrance to War Bird Alley.  The planes you see with folded wings are Navy fighters.  Their wings folded to facilitate storage in the limited space available aboard ship.

Next post is about "My" plane  the B-26.

Ron, Tippy and Treky