Friday, June 19, 2015

West Virginia and Pennsylvania

This is what greeted us as we entered West Virginia.  West Virginia is the only state that was conceived by the War Between the States. When Virginia seceded from the Union, the western portion refused - the people were perfectly happy staying in the Union so Congress granted them statehood.  From what we have seen, it is one mountain after another - perfectly beautiful.

This morning, we filled Treky's tank at Pilot.  Pilot and Flying J are the same company.  They merged a couple of years ago.  The old Pilots are not as RV friendly as Flying J's.  Most of these stations have a Denny's attached; however, here it is a Moe's.

I get my 3 cents per gallon discount at Pilot as well as Flying J.  The $2.66 includes the discount.  I also get a large coffee for a dollar instead of the usual $1.89.

I was lucky to find a Shoney's for breakfast.  The weather was cool so  there was no problem leaving Tippy in Treky while I ate in the restaurant.  I like their breakfast bar.  I load up on bacon.  I take two strips of bacon back to Treky for Tippy.  He know now to expect something when I eat out.

I-79 in Pennsylvania is flatter and straighter that it is in West Virginia but is still interesting.  We left home on I-20 East to Columbia, SC where we picked up I-77 North.  We stayed on I-77 until it merged with I-79 in Virginia, I believe.  We have been on I-79 for a Loonngg time.  It does get cooler as we go northward. Here in Portersville, Pennsylvania the high temp today was 78 - much better than the temp at home.

Our campsite at the Bear Run Campground here in Portersville, Pennsylvania backs up to a horse pasture that is part of the campground.  Can you see the two horses way off in the background?  

Treky is very happy with his Campsite # 2.  There are hundreds of campsites at this campground.  All we have here is water and 30 amp electricity.  We're happy!

Tippy and  I enjoy sitting out in the shade of a tree doing absolutely nothing.  We have two chairs - a blue one and a red one.  Tippy prefers the red one. 

Many of you know that Tippy has Epilepsy - The cause is unknown - it is not contagious - Last month (May 19th), he had four seizures in one day.  His vet says that a new drug has shown promise in controlling seizures in humans and prescribed it for Tippy - It's Keppra.  We (Ron, Tippy and Treky) are celebrating today - Tippy has been seizure-free for a month.  We hope this is an indication that the new drug is working.  If not, we'll just do as we have been - that is:  live with it.  Anyway, we're happy today.

WiFi permitting, we'll see you tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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