Thursday, June 18, 2015

Redecorating - Final

My living room wall was pink with gold toned pictures and had a blue carpet.  Now, the walls are tan, the carpet is lighter tan.  The chairs were multi colored - now the main chairs are leather with ottomans.

 The dining room was very heavy dark wall paper.  Now it is more airy and welcoming.

New kitchen linoleum and the dark wall paper was removed and a coat of light blue paint was applied to the walls.

 The new chairs are very comfortable and will rotate to watch TV or talk with guests.  Notice the statue of a dog between the chairs.  Tippy insisted that he have a hand in the decorating and the stature is what he chose.

Tippy chose the dog statue but he insists that the new couch is his.  The old couch was cream color with pink and red flowers.  The new couch is solid brown.  There are new pictures all around.

Stuck off in the corner of the living room, I added a little round table and two chairs.  I can play computer there, pay bills or even eat there.  I also added four new lamps in the living room.

Enough with the house.  Tonight we are camped in Flatwood, West Virginia on our way to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to the Roadtrek factory.  We'll post about the trip so far tomorrow if we have WiFi.  Treky wants you to know one thing about the trip so far.  "There is nothing flat about West Virginia"  Ha.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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