Friday, June 26, 2015

Back Home

On our trip from home to Ontario, the highest price on gas was in New York.

But with our Good Sam discount, we got our three cents per gallon discount.

This particular Pilot/Flying J has a Subway attached.  Most have a Denny's.  I decided to try the Subway breakfast sandwich.  It was a sausage and egg on flat bread.  I don't think that egg ever saw a chicken.  It looks artificial.

Tippy says, "I don't care what it looks like - just share with me."

When we left Ontario, Treky had 18286 miles and the temperature was 66 degrees (F).

This is a list of rules for using the Pennsylvania state rest areas.  Treky wonders, "Does everyone take the time to read and understand these rules?"  This sign is posted at every Pennsylvania rest area.

Tippy likes to sleep between the cockpit seats. Note our fire extinguisher.

This is an unusual, to us, tent in one of our campgrounds.  I probably would never  be able to figure out how to erect it.

In Pennsylvania, when you enter the toll area, they give you a ticket - you pay the toll when you exit.  The further you travel, the higher the toll.  We traveled the entire distance and our toll was $3.16.

On highway I-90 in New York,  the state offers "Service Areas" instead of rest areas.  The service area offers three or four fast food restaurants, a gas station and rest rooms.  The service area is located between the highway lanes.  You pull off the interstate to a parking area - then cross the highway via a foot bridge over the interstate to reach the service area.  New situation to Ron, Tippy and Treky although Treky claims he knows all about it.

Treky had a reserved parking place at the Roadtrek factory in Ontario.

You recall that when we left Ontario, the temperature was 66 degrees?  When we stopped at the South Carolina Welcome Center, just South of Charlotte, NC, the temperature was 100 degrees. We are over 1000 miles south of Ontario.

Tippy says, "It's too hot.  We are going to stay home until the middle of next month when we will attend the air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  We'll post again just before we leave."

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. HI, Ron, Tippy and Treky. It was quite a gap before this latest post; I relieved a sigh of relief when you came back! Thank goodness. I genuinely enjoy your travelogue, and beyond that, am able vicariously to see much of the USA I will never otherwise get a chance. Once again, thank you so much for inviting me along! Marv, a fellow octogenarian, Washington state.